You want to climb without a monitor, but you are not an accredited climber?

You must follow your Climbing autonomy course to do so. This three-hour introductory climbing course will allow you to obtain your climbing accreditation.



Do you know block climbing?
  • No experience needed.
  • No courses needed.
  • No material required.
  • No reservation necessary.

You must be 12 years or older to block climb!

In this type of climbing, walls are 15 to 16 feet high, and as you are not attached, mattresses will cushion your fall.

jeunes au bloc


You are accredited in another climbing centre?

Take your accreditation exam at Canyon Escalade! During the accreditation, the instructor will evaluate your knowledge of your belaying maneuvers. The success of the test will allow you to practice climbing at Canyon.

Cost : $5 with proof from another climbing centre / $15 without proof from another climbing centre